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Best time to visit Montana

Whitewater River Rafting

With friends, family, or even solo—rafting in Montana is a remarkable outdoor activity

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Montana is well-known for its multiple parks, lush forests, glaciers, and recreation areas. And what could be better than discovering these gems from the rapid streams? Depending on the location, the regular rafting season in Montana usually starts in April and ends in September.

Flathead River

Fed by a glacier, the Flathead River flows in both Canada and the USA. It's perfect for whitewater rafting, with its season lasting from May through September. Spring rafting is full of awoke nature and intense waters. By July, Flathead River turns into a family-friendly playground: the stream is calmer, and nights become warm enough to camp. In September, the air temperature drops, so the rafting season near Glacier Park comes to an end. West Glacier Village is where companies start their tours on Flathead River.

Yellowstone River

As one of the longest rivers in the USA, the Yellowstone River provides excellent whitewater conditions. In Montana, the water river adventures start outside the Gardiner National Park, all along to the Paradise Valley. It's also considered as one of the best fly-fishing destinations in the whole state.

Companies offer full-day or half-day rafting trips, dinner rafting trips, and even multi-day trips with camping under the stars. For those who want to enjoy solitude or connect with nature, there are self-guided trips.

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