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Hummingbirds in Montana

Take a chance to watch these beautiful birds eating from your feeder

Best time: late April–September

Hummingbirds in Montana
Hummingbirds in Montana
Hummingbirds in Montana
Cynanthus latirostris

There are five types of hummingbirds in Montana you can spot easily: ruby-throated hummingbirds, rufous hummingbirds, black-chinned hummingbirds, calliope hummingbirds, and broad-tailed hummingbirds. Even though it’s hard to distinguish them due to their tiny size, each of these types is uniquely beautiful and tender.

When do hummingbirds arrive in Montana?

Most male hummingbirds arrive at the end of April to mid-May, while females arrive a few weeks later. The birds stay for a few months and usually leave Montana by early September. So, the best time to spot these tiny creatures is during the summer months.

When to feed hummingbirds in Montana?

The best time to put out the feeders in Montana is early April, while the best time to take them down is in November. You may wonder why in November. The thing is that there might be some late-migrating birds, which can stop by your garden. Hence, it would be perfect if they'd have some nectar to eat.

The best feeding plants for hummingbirds in Montana

If you want to put out the feeder in your own garden, you should know which food hummingbirds prefer. In Montana, you can easily grow such plants as wax currant, blue virgin's bower, serviceberry, golden currant, hawthorn, and shrubby penstemon. The best spots to see hummingbirds in Montana are near the rivers, gardens, steppe, and towns.

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When do hummingbirds typically arrive and leave Montana?

Male hummingbirds arrive in Montana from late April to mid-May, followed by females a few weeks later. They spend a few months in the area and usually leave by early September. Observing hummingbirds is possible during the summer months in Montana. Show more

When is the right season to put up and take down hummingbird feeders in Montana?

Putting up hummingbird feeders in Montana early in April and taking them down in November is advisable. These feeders should be installed during summer when hummingbirds are present in the area. Leave them for late-migrating birds that may visit in November for a quick meal. Show more

Which plants are ideal for hummingbirds in Montana?

Wax currant, blue virgin's bower, serviceberry, golden currant, hawthorn, and shrubby penstemon are suitable plants for hummingbirds in Montana. It's vital to grow these plants in an area with direct sunlight, and they are mostly visible near rivers, gardens, steppe, and towns. Show more

What makes an ideal hummingbird feeder in Montana?

Hummingbird feeders in Montana should have enough capacity to hold nectar for several birds, and they must be easily cleaned to prevent contamination. Placing them in the shade and away from predators like cats is crucial. The nectar should remain fresh and not stale to keep birds coming back for more. Show more

How can you prepare hummingbird nectar in Montana?

Prepare hummingbird nectar in Montana by mixing one part of white granulated sugar and four parts of boiled water, letting it dissolve before it completely cools down. Do not add artificial sweeteners, food coloring, honey, or brown sugar. You can store the nectar in the refrigerator for up to one week to keep it fresh and safe. Show more

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