Best time to travel to Georgia, USA

Hummingbird Migration in Georgia, USA

Some of the zippy little guys visit the Peach State between spring and fall, while others stay here over winter

Best time: early March–mid-October (migration) | mid-November–December (wintering)

Hummingbird Migration
Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris), Piedmont Park & ABG, Atlanta
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Whenever you come to Georgia, you can count on an encounter with some of the world's tiniest birds. Early March yields the arrival of ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris), the native breeders. Some nest in the Southeast, but the majority migrate further north and all the way up to the Canadian border. For some ruby-throats, breeding season is over already in July, and the earliest southbound migrators set off to Mexico. The last stragglers are seen in the state in mid-October, with rare exceptions that remain in Georgia year-round, but hummingbird migration doesn't end at this point.

Wintering hummers might arrive as early as August and stay through March or April. Yet most congregate here between mid-November and December. Rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus) and a range of rare vagrants commonly show up at backyard feeders during the season.

You never know where exactly to search for a much desired glimpse of these little buzz-birds. The capital city of Atlanta and nearby cities such as Decatur and Roswell record regular sightings. However, you could view hummingbirds anywhere across the state. The wisest decision would be to put out a feeder in your garden. Fill it with sugar water: 1/4 cup of sugar mixed with a cup of water, without any other sweeteners or red dyes. The feeder needs regular cleaning and refilling, especially in warmer weather.

Practical info

When is the best time to see hummingbirds in Georgia?

In Georgia, hummingbirds migrate between March and October with ruby-throated species being the most common, while wintering hummers, including rare vagrants such as rufous hummingbirds, can be spotted between August and April, with most congregating between November and December. However, sightings of hummingbirds in Georgia can occur throughout the year due to its mild climate. Show more

Where is the best place to see hummingbirds in Georgia?

While hummingbirds fly across the state, residents in Atlanta, Roswell, and Decatur often record sightings. For optimal sightings, it is best to put a feeder of sugar water in your garden. Clean and refill your feeder frequently, particularly during warm weather, to increase your chances of attracting hummingbirds in various parts of Georgia. Show more

What type of hummingbirds can be seen in Georgia?

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the most common species in Georgia, which is native to the state and breeds there during the migratory period, and migrate to the Canadian border. Rufous hummingbirds and various vagrants are among the hummers that winter in Georgia and can sometimes be seen visiting backyard feeders. Georgia's other hummingbird visitors can include Calliope and Balch's. Show more

When do hummingbirds start their southbound migration?

Starting early July, hummingbirds from Georgia begin their southbound migration towards Mexico, with some Ruby-throated species departing after breeding season ends. While some hummingbirds linger in Georgia until mid-October, some rare exceptions stay year-round. Wintering hummers start to arrive in August, staying through March or April, with congregations being most plentiful between November and December. Show more

What is the recommended method to attract hummingbirds?

A sugar water-filled feeder placed in the garden is the best way to attract hummingbirds. Mix one cup of water with 1/4 cup of sugar and avoid using sweeteners or red dye. This solution resembles their natural food. Keep the feeder clean and refilled regularly, especially in warmer weather. To further draw hummingbirds into your garden, plant colorful flowers and consider avoiding the use of pesticides. Show more

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