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Upper Navua River Rafting in Fiji

Rafting adventures along the unique rivers of the tropics can be an unforgettable memory

Best time: all year round

Fiji's rivers offer a great rafting experience. They can be interesting both for pioneers or veterans of rafting. You can have the opportunity to experience stream waters through tropical forests and hills, waterfalls, and challenging rapids.

The best rafting destination is the Upper Navua River, which starts with the Upper Navua Gorge. Comfortable inflatable rafts will rush through the narrow side canyon, a dozen waterfalls, a violent volcanic wall, and emerald rainforests. Don't forget to watch for colourful loud parrots, fruit bats, and graceful herons. Check it out and enjoy the journey!

Normally rafting season coincides with the season of rains. This area also has its wet season between November and April, and a dry period from May to October. However, in reality, precipitation is nearly equally distributed throughout the year which makes rafting on Navua River an all year round activity. Still, during the wet season, the river has twice as many waterfalls as in dry season.

Practical info

When is the best time to go rafting on the Upper Navua River in Fiji?

Rafting on the Upper Navua River is a year-round activity, but the dry season from May to October offers the best conditions. The rapids are calmer at this time, while the number of waterfalls is lower due to rain scarcity. Conversely, during the wet season from November to April, the water levels rise, and the current gets stronger, providing more challenging trips with more waterfalls to traverse. Show more

Where does the Upper Navua River rafting adventure start and end?

Starting at Ratu na Saukuru's compound, the Upper Navua River rafting adventure covers about 11 km and ends at Wainadiro village, accessible by road. To access the starting point, visitors have to use 4WD vehicles since the road is unpaved. The location lies about 40 km from Suva in the province of Namosi—a beautiful journey through the heart of Fiji's unspoiled nature. Show more

How difficult are the rapids on the Upper Navua River?

The Upper Navua River rafting adventure has rapids that range from Class II to IV, providing a perfect balance between excitement and safety, suitable for participants at all levels of experience. The difficulty level, however, changes due to fluctuating water levels. Safety measures include participants wearing a life vest and following the guide's instructions at all times. The trip is an endeavor that can be enjoyed regardless of previous rafting experience. Show more

What kind of flora and fauna can be expected on the rafting trip?

The Upper Navua River rafting adventure takes participants through a beautiful tropical rainforest canyon, home to an array of flora and fauna. The forests provide habitat for, among other creatures, birds like herons and parrots, fruit bats, tropical fishes, and even elusive butterflies. With a bit of luck, visitors may spot freshwater seals, understood to exist only in Fiji's rivers. Other wild animals that may be seen include iguanas, monkeys, and lizards. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for rafting on the Upper Navua River?

To participate in rafting on the Upper Navua River, a person must be at least ten years old. No maximum age limit applies, but participants must be in good health and must not have heart conditions, epilepsy, or other medical issues. To ensure everyone's safety, the guides may disqualify any participant if they think their condition hinders participation. Therefore, people unsure about their health conditions should consult their doctors before the rafting trip. Show more

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