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White Water Rafting in New Zealand 2024-2025

New Zealand's turbulent rivers invite for a breathtaking white water rafting, just hold tight to keep inside your raft

Best time: October–May

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

White water rafting in New Zealand is as popular as jet boating. Splendid rivers promise a great splash into your face. But if you prefer to have a relatively smooth ride with scenery overlook possibilities, you may choose Rangitikei and Ngaruroro rivers in the River Valley or Shotover river in Queenstown.

If you feel like trying more heart-thumping ride, Tongariro river boasts more extreme rapids. Wairoa river is another alternative suitable for adrenaline seekers, yet it is available​ only on Sundays. A wild raft through Rangitata gorge even includes cliff jumping. Mohaka and Kaituna rivers are extremely challenging. The season of white water rafting stretches over spring, summer and autumn, namely from October to May.

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