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Best time: May–November


National Geographic Magazine rated Rio Pacuare in top 5 best whitewater rafting spots in the world. Costa Rican rivers are indeed amazing and you can easily raft here all year round. During the dry season, you would be limited only to the wetter Atlantic slope. On the other hand, during the wet season (May–November), there are more opportunities with waters floating high and the rivers on both sides of the continental divide.

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What is the best time to go rafting in Costa Rica?

For those planning a rafting trip in Costa Rica, the wet season from May to November offers the best opportunities as the rivers flow higher. However, the dry season also provides chances for rafting on the wetter Atlantic slope. It's important to note that the weather may be unpredictable during the wet season and travelers should plan accordingly. Show more

Which river in Costa Rica is rated as one of the top 5 rafting spots in the world?

According to National Geographic Magazine, the Rio Pacuare is one of the top 5 rafting spots in the world. The river flows through a jungle canyon, offering breathtaking scenery, and has rapids that will thrill and exhilarate rafters. Visitors can choose from one-day or multi-day tour packages, that provide an unforgettable experience with the best of the river. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for rafting in Costa Rica?

Age limitations for those looking to go rafting in Costa Rica differ from tour to tour and on the river of choice. Most tours don't allow children under the age of 8 to go rafting due to safety concerns. Younger children may be required to have an accompanying parent or guardian. Concerning weight, some tours have restrictions to guarantee maximum security. Before booking, potential rafters should check with the tour provider to determine age and weight restrictions. Show more

Can beginners participate in rafting in Costa Rica?

Absolutely, first-time rafters are welcome in Costa Rica. There are tours for all levels of experience, taking beginners to seasoned pros through unparalleled natural beauty. Neophytes need to select the right level of difficulty for their skill level and ensure they have the equipment necessary for their chosen excursion. First-time rafters can also receive training and guidance from their tour provider to ensure a better experience. Show more

What kind of safety measures should be taken before going for a rafting trip in Costa Rica?

Before going on a Costa Rican rafting trip, there are necessary safety measures that one should take. Such measures include wearing the correct gear, such as a helmet and life jacket, and having the proper equipment such as a raft in good condition. It's also relevant to book with a licensed and well-known tour provider, understand the potential risks of rafting, and be updated on weather conditions to plan accordingly. Show more

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