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Summer Dog Sledding in Alaska

Don’t think that dog sledding is available only in winter! In Alaska, ​you can try this kind of sport even during summertime

Best time: mid-May–August

Summer Dog Sledding
Summer Dog Sledding

Though winter is considered probably the best time for dog sledding, there are also summer tours available. They are not so extreme, and if you are not a person for risky activities, summer sledging will be good for you. Many people wonder how it is possible to do this when there is no snow outside. Don’t worry: there are special sleds with wheels for the warm periods of the year. There are some companies offering ATVs instead of traditional sleds.

The experience is just as magical, just imagine a race through the wild Alaskan forest with that unforgettable pine scent! Great, isn’t it? Aside from racing, you will also have enough time to play with adorable huskies and their puppies; usually,​ the dogs are friendly and look forward to meeting people. What is also important, summer sledding keeps the dogs in good shape for the upcoming winter sledding season.

Summer Dog Sledding tours are provided by several tour operators across Alaska. In the area of Anchorage, a few operators offer dog sled rides. The seasons vary a bit, with some tours running May through August, other—May through November, and some—in fall. In the area of Seward, you'll also find a few operators which have summer sled tours on offer. Similar trips are available in Fairbanks from May to October. Another company is located at the Denali National Park and Preserve, but the season is a bit shorter there, from mid-May to mid-September. Therefore, the best time to go for a dry sled ride is mid-May through August, when there're plenty of options.

Practical info

When is the best time to go dog sledding in Alaska?

Experience dry sled dog rides in Alaska from mid-May through August. A few dog sledding tour operators use special sleds with wheels instead of snow. These tours range in duration from different months, depending on the area. Anchorage, Seward, Fairbanks, and Denali National Park are some of the places where you can enjoy dog sledding. Check the company's website for more information on the season, available tours, and dates. Show more

Where can I find summer dog sledding tours in Anchorage?

Anchorage offers summertime sled activities provided by some tour operators. There are three or more sled operators to choose from, which provide different sled rides that vary in duration and cost. Visitors can travel by All-terrain vehicles (ATV) instead of traditional sleds and experience the beautiful Alaskan forests. For more information on the available tours, cost, and duration, check your preferred operator's website. Show more

How is dog sledding possible in summer without snow?

Dog sled enthusiasts can still enjoy dog sledding during the warmer months with sleds that use wheels instead of snow. The sled dogs love the cooler temperatures of the season, and it's essential to keep them exercised and healthy. Dog rescue organizations make it easy for visitors to participate in summer dog sled rides, and they can enjoy the same fun year-round. Summer sled operators before and/or after the ride let visitors play with the dogs and puppies and take their pictures. Show more

Can I interact with the huskies during the tour?

Most dog sled tours allow interaction with their lovable sled dogs before or after the ride. They enjoy attention, and visitors can play with the dogs and even take photos of them. The tour's main objective is visitors' maximum enjoyment, often letting them appreciate the sled dogs' beauty. Some sled dog providers allow visitors to adopt or foster a sled dog, so visitors interested in adopting should seek information beforehand. Show more

What is the range of dates for summer dog sledding tours in Alaska?

Summer dog sledding tours depend on the area or place in Alaska, ranging from mid-May to November. In Anchorage, experience sled dog rides from May to August. Other sled dog operators in Seward continue the season through mid-November. Denali National Park offers summer dry sled rides from mid-May through mid-September. Other sled dog tours run from May through October. Ensure to check sled operators' websites for more information on dates, seasons, and available tours. Show more

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