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Sled Dog Experience

Go for a ride with a team of huskies in a picturesque backcountry


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Most of us used to enjoy sledging as we were kids. Unfortunately, grown-ups have to give up this fun, but not in New Zealand. Here you will have a wonderful opportunity to restore one of the best childhood memories and even outmatch it with sled dog experience. Yes, you will be able to drive your own dogsled, a whole team of Huskies or Samoyeds. Of course, at first, a skilled musher will introduce you to the technique and prepare you for a self-ride​. A guided tour may also be arranged. In addition to tuition, the tour also includes meals and accommodation in a cosy backcountry hut. The tour is designed to last approximately 20 hours and involves a few day runs and a night run.

This unique experience is available only during July and August, sometimes stretching to September. You can also experience the fun at Wanaka Sled Dog Festival which takes place annually, usually around mid-August.

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