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Best time to visit Banff & Jasper National Parks

Dog Sledding

Glide across a fresh snowy powdered valley with the jingling sounds of husky collars and the soft thuds of their paws


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Travelling by force of dogs was initially used as transportation by the early settlers of Banff and the Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic. This experience can be both tranquil and delightfully chaotic. In Banff National Park, you can experience all the techniques, culture, and history while sliding through the fabulous Canadian Rockies.

You might see these splendid dogs taking part in a 300-mile distance rush in Canmore, Lake Louise and Banff. The journeys are intended for travellers of all ages and levels of experience and can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day.

The season runs from December to April.

Remember, everything can be wonderful until you get cold! Be sure to dress warmly. Gloves are an absolute must during your trip as well as sturdy winter boots.

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