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Infiorata di Pitigliano 2023

An incredible work of art which lasts for just a few hours

Infiorata literally meaning "flowering" is a beautiful 17th-century tradition of decorating cities with flowers on Sunday closest to the Corpus Domini Holiday, that is on the 60th day after Easter. This tradition brings together communities to work on collective art. The residents of Pitigliano are known as real masters of this craft. They create masterpieces that are well worth seeing.

A few days before Infiorata the streets are cleaned and prepared to be turned into colorful carpets. A chalk outline marks the future mosaic borders. Along with flowers, other organic materials such as wood, are used to create bright ornaments and replicas of classical Renaissance works.

In the evening, a solemn procession passes through the city center right over the flowers and decorations, ruining these beautiful works of art until the next year.

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