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Tulip Time 2023

Fun and flowers! Skim the cream off in Holland during the tulip festival


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Being heralded as the nation’s Best Flower Festival, nine-day Holland’s Tulip Time Festival draws more than 500,000 people annually to celebrate culture and community. You can try everything that event can offer: Quilt Show, fireworks, carnival rides, wooden shoes, trolley tours, parades, theatrical shows, elephant ears, and, of course, number one attraction there—tulips. Just imagine hundreds of Klompen dancers and over 6 million tulips blooming around you.

Tulips first appeared in Holland, Michigan after the arrival of Dutch settlers. The festival kicked off in the late 1920s and has been running ever since.

Tulip Time, (which is celebrated during the springtime) happens all around Holland, Michigan, not just the downtown area or at a local park. Tulip Lanes, Windmill Island Gardens or Veldheers Tulip Farm can turn up to be real eye candy. But one of the best places to see tulips is at the Dutch Village.

If you are a parade lover, Tulip Time can offer its famous Muziek-parade, Volks-parade, and Kinder-parade. Plenty of Dutch merchandise, food, and demonstrations are served up all throughout town.

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