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Barberton Mum Festival 2019

Celebrate fall watching a million of blooms at a scenic park

Barberton Mum Festival in Ohio 2019 - Best Time
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Every fall thousands of beautiful chrysanthemums bloom at Lake Anna Park in the city of Barberton, Ohio. The annual Barberton Mum Festival features 17,000 flowers of rainbow colors only during one weekend in late September. The festival runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days. In addition to colorful flower displays, the festival features lots of entertainment, crafts and art vendors, gardening demonstrations, and excellent foods.

Lake Anna in Barberton during the Barberton Mum Festival 2019
Lake Anna in Barberton during the Barberton Mum Festival

Barberton Mum Festival includes canoe races, rovers and water ski shows on Lake Anna. Sand sculpting, ice carving, and various children’s activities will keep the young ones busy and entertained. The park also features Hartville Market Place and Flea Market, a 100,000-sq.-foot two-story marketplace with over 100 shops. Mum Fest organized by the City of Barberton Beautification Program, the Barberton Community Foundation, and Aris Horticulture, Inc. is a free festival and one of the most favorite fall events for Barberton and nearby towns.

Barberton Mum Festival in Ohio - Best Season 2019
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