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Ravenna Balloon A-Fair 2023

This hot-air balloon festival isn't just about flying in a balloon

Ravenna Balloon A-Fair
Ravenna Balloon A-Fair
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Usually held at SUNBEAU Valley Farm in mid-September, Ravenna Balloon A-Fair costs around $5 per adult for one day of the event. And if you decide to bring along your children under 12 years old, you won’t have to pay any additional fees for their admission.

Ravenna A-Fair has a bunch of fun activities in store for you. Besides flying in a balloon, you’ll be able to engage in arts and crafts, take a ride in a helicopter, and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. Visitors will also listen to famous DJs’ performances, attend a one-of-a-kind jeep show, and participate in one of the festival’s numerous balloon demonstrations.

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