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Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens 2023

See some of the most beautiful orchids in the world


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Get immersed in a celebration of beauty and nature in the tropical paradise! Each year in late February Kew Gardens’ Princess of Wales Conservatory holds amazing Orchids Festival. It features a large flower display as well as opportunities to find out about the naming of orchids, their preservation, and how to care for the flowers at home.

Every year the festival has a different theme. When the theme was Thailand it had Thai crafts, an orchid palace, umbrellas and a Thai cart from Thailand’s embassy in London on display. Thai food and musical performances completed the picture during the weekend. A rice paddy and Thai landscape sat alongside the floral display.

Orchids Festival is held at Kew Gardens for four weeks attracting visitors with creative designs and colourful floral displays in the tropical glasshouse. Check out a bright Vanda tunnel adorned with flowers and three arches with hanging orchids.

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