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Blocos in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival street parties are a must-see!


Blocos are Carnival street parties that are very common in Rio before and during the Carnival. They initially began as small friendly gatherings on the streets for some samba, drinks, and socializing but their popularity started to grow, ​and they became a phenomenon on its own.

Blocos originates from the Portuguese word bloco—street block. It's the Blocos where you can experience all the heat and excitement of the Carioca way of partying. The rhythmic music, beautiful people, and the euphoric atmosphere are just impossible to resist.

Anyone can join a b​loco party, but since there usually isn't any announcement or information about them, you have just to take a walk around and find the perfect bloco for yourself. They usually start rehearsing in November until the Carnival.

Practical info

What time of year are the most Blocos held in Rio de Janeiro?

Many parties occur in Rio de Janeiro from November to February, making these the best months to visit if you want to experience the Blocos. Remember that Carnival takes place in February and March with the most vibrant party atmosphere. The celebration is an excellent way to enjoy Brazilian culture and experience the Brazilians' party spirit. Show more

What are Blocos in Rio de Janeiro, and what is interesting about them?

Rio de Janeiro Blocos are street block parties that happen leading up to the Carnival. They are unique as they allow you to immerse yourself in Brazilian party and samba culture. The parties consist of informal gatherings with plenty of dancing, drinks, and food. The best part is anyone can join a bloco party without any fee, which also offers the chance to taste the local dishes while enjoying live music on the streets. Show more

What is the etymology of 'bloco'?

Portuguese is the origin of the word 'bloco,' meaning 'street block.' It was first utilized to describe a group of people gathered on the streets, mostly during Carnival celebrations. As time passed, the meaning evolved to associate the Brazilian street parties where people wore flashy costumes, sang, and danced to live samba bands. Show more

Are there any requirements for joining a bloco party?

No rules require joining a bloco party. Wear light clothes and dress comfortably since the festivities get crowded. Bringing cash and water is advisable as drinks are sold on the streets. Consider joining blocos that prioritize safety and comfort. Besides, it's better to stay alert throughout the celebration. Show more

How can I discover the optimal bloco for me?

Blocos rarely declare their schedules, so walking around the city, specifically between November and February, is the best way to find the perfect bloco. These months feature most parties, and they start to rehearse their music, so it becomes easy to spot them with the loud drums and sounds. Consider asking locals, as they're aware of the best parties and can direct you accordingly. Show more

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