Best season to travel to Georgia

Samarkhvo Food in Georgia 2025

The great Lent before Easter is the time when Georgian vegetable dishes are at their best

Best time: February 27–April 15

Samarkhvo Food
Samarkhvo Food

Fasting means depriving oneself of​ some delicious foods. However in Georgia you can actually discover many excellent dishes that are usually consumed during the Lent. Try various meals with beans - lobio, boiled beans with local greens, and lobiani, fried thin circular pie with spicy smashed beans inside. Pkhali rolls include ground walnuts rolled in slices of pepper or eggplant. Also well-known Georgian khinkali can be eaten during this period, but only the ones stuffed with potato or mushrooms. Since the country is predominantly Georgian Orthodox these foods are served in most restaurants with a special label, meaning that they are safe to consume during the Lent.