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Fly Geyser near Gerlach

This rainbow-colored geyser standing in the middle of the desert is out of this world


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Though it may seem like part of a sci-fi movie set, in fact, this rainbow-colored wonder is natural. This scenic spot is Nevada's hidden gem which can be visited year-round, however, avoid summer due to high temperatures in the desert. Also, it gets really crowded during the Burning Man festival in late August and early September.

Fly Geyser is a small geothermal geyser in the Hualapai Geothermal Flats. It owes its activity to calcium carbonate deposits and bright colors to thermophile algae. The first geyser appeared here in 1916 when the locals were drilling for a well. Later on, a calcium carbonate cone appeared over the well.

The Fly Geyser is part of the Fly Ranch near the town of Gerlach in Washoe County. The ranch and its land were purchased by the Burning Man Project in 2016. It is located 107 mi (172 km) from Reno, Nevada. Since 2016, the unique geothermal site became available for visits. Fly Ranch Nature Walk tours last for three hours, beginning at the Friends of Black Rock-High Rock’s Visitor Center Store.

Fly Ranch occupies 3,800 ac (1,537 ha) and offers an exciting nature-watching experience in the Black Rock Desert. There are also a few ideas about making this place a year-round extension of the Burning Man Festival. The area attracts many photographers and hot springs enthusiasts.

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