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Kinetic Grand Championship 2024

See the weirdest vehicles along the varied track or join the kinetic sculpture race and have fun

Dates: May 25–27, 2024

Kinetic Grand Championship
Kinetic Grand Championship
Kinetic Grand Championship
Kinetic Grand Championship
Kinetic Grand Championship

The Kinetic Grand Championship is not a simple parade, it's a three-day race of human-powered sculptures that takes the participants across roads, sand, land, mud, and water. The race runs along California's northern coast, from Arcata to Ferndale. The total distance of the race is about 42 miles (68 km), which has to be covered by handmade, human-powered vehicles.

Any crazy, creative person can take part in the race as long as s/he has an idea for a great vehicle that can ride and float and be not too heavy to overcome all the difficulties of the race. This weird but spectacular tradition is held each Memorial Day weekend. The race is also called the “triathlon of the art world.” Those who come just to watch can observe the competition from the side of a road along the course. Some of the best spots include the Arcata Plaza at noon on Saturday, the Eureka Waterfront on Sunday, and the Finish Line on Ferndale’s Main Street.

Day 1 Highlights

The first day of the race starts at noon by the whistle on Arcata Plaza. The participants leave the town and move to Manila Dunes. During that day participants cross the dunes and go down the steep sandy hill, called the Dead Man's Drop. Those who made that part of the road, continue by crossing the bridge to Eureka. The first day ends at Halvorsen Park in Eureka. The challenge is marked by Kinetic Fest presented by The Ink People for the Arts. The finish line party at Halvorsen Park runs from 2 pm to 7 pm, featuring food, live music, vendors, and circus arts.

Day 2 Highlights

On the second day, the participants have to fight against the waves crossing Humboldt Bay. The race starts at Wharfinger Boat Ramp in Eureka between 10:07 am and 12:07 pm and exits under the Samoa Bridge. Participants are making their way to Table Bluff Hill where they will stay for a night in a campground.

Day 3 Highlights

The third day features crossing the Eel River followed by the roads of Ferndale. The finish line awaits them at the Main Street Ferndale, which they cross covered in mud and exhausted but truly happy and satisfied. The awards ceremony is also held in Ferndale. The finish line in Ferndale opens at 1 pm.


Kinetic Grand Championship has been a Californian North Coast tradition since 1969. The fun competition was founded by metal sculptor Hobart Brown. The event started as a two-block race down Main Street in Ferndale. It has gradually grown into a beloved Memorial Day Weekend tradition, gathering spectators from all over the state.

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