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Suojalkapallo or Swamp Soccer in Finland

You can play dirty as much as you want during this unusual soccer championship

Best time: July 14–15, 2023

Suojalkapallo or Swamp Soccer
Suojalkapallo or Swamp Soccer

If you think that soccer is a tough sport, consider battling for the ball in the mud. Swamp soccer is a sport for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and other body parts as well! Held every summer at the Ukkohalla Swamp Rock Arena in the town of Hyrynsalmi. Swamp Soccer World Championship is a one-of-a-kind event, which is anything but boring. For hundreds of teams from a dozen of different countries, this is both a great challenge and great fun.

The idea of a swamp soccer championship emerged in 1998. It came from professional Finnish cross-country skiers who have been practicing at the swamp during the summer. Once soccer and swamps was combined, the new championship was born. The World Cup featured over 300 teams and over 4,000 players since its start. Games are played on 20 fields in Vuorisuo. The size of a field is 90x160 feet (30x60 m). About 1,000 games are played during the championship. Each game has two periods, lasting for 10 minutes. A team has to have a goalkeeper and five field players.

There are currently about 250 swamp soccer teams around the world. Even if you are not a professional athlete, you can play in the amateur league of the championship. Swamp Soccer Championship is not only a good test for your stamina and fitness, it's also an excellent idea for a team-building trip or just a fun weekend with friends. Games are usually followed by parties and various activities at the Ukkohalla ski & sport resort, where most players stay during the event.

Practical info

Where is Finland's Ukkohalla Swamp Rock Arena situated?

The Swamp Soccer Championship event happens in the Ukkohalla Swamp Rock Arena located in the Vuorisuo swamp area surrounding the lakes and rivers in Hyrynsalmi town in Finland. People worldwide come to experience and even participate in the championship event. Moreover, the place also offers several other activities for visitors like hiking, skiing, and various other outdoor activities. Show more

How many teams and players usually participate in the Swamp Soccer World Championship?

Since inception in 1998, over 300 teams with no less than 4,000 professional and amateur players, have featured in the Swamp Soccer World Championship. The competition showcases teams from up to 250 swamp soccer teams worldwide. The championship hosts both professional and amateur athletes and creates an excellent opportunity for team bonding and social interaction. Participants can gain substantial knowledge of other players' game techniques and skills to enhance their gameplay. Show more

Is it possible to take part in the championship competition without being a professional athlete?

The Swamp Soccer Championship is not exclusively for professional athletes. Regardless of whether you are a professional, you can still sign up for the championship's amateur league division. The organizers highly encourage anyone interested in participating in either, forming their teams or joining an already established one. The Championship targets improving various participants' fitness levels, offering a unique experience of meeting new people with different cultures and backgrounds while sharing a passion for the sport. Show more

What additional events or activities does the Swamp Soccer Championship weekend hold?

There are several exciting events and activities during the Swamp Soccer Championship weekend beyond the main event. One can participate in outdoor activities such as camping, bird watching, and fishing, and enjoy the scenic beauty view of the Vuorisuo swamp area. The event takes place at the Ukkohalla ski & sport resort, where visitors can also ski, hike or bike. Besides the outdoor activities, visitors can participate in concerts, parties, and contests that accompany the events. Show more

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