Best time to go to Mexico

Lucha Libre 2018-2019

Masked fighters seem to beat each other to death, while bloodthirsty spectators enjoy the action with a pint of beer

Lucha Libre in Mexico 2019 - Best Time
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Also known as Mexican masked wrestling, Lucha Libre is a well-rehearsed performance. The fighters hit and kick each other in such a realistic way, that one can hardly believe it’s actually fake. If you’re that bloodthirsty that you don’t mind a kick or two in front of your face, then the best seats for you are next to the ring.

Lucha Libre in Mexico - Best Season 2020

Don’t forget to take a pint of beer to merge with the audience. The best Lucha Libres are observed in Mexico City. The fights are held at Arena México on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings year-round.