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Cinco de Mayo 2020

Concerts, lectures, day-long Puebla street parties, and a fearless Mexican army in their finest military costumes highlight the festival

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico 2020 - Best Time

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The celebration of Cinco de Mayo exists thanks to Napoleon III's attempt to establish a French monarchy in Mexico, yet he underestimated the Mexican army and was defeated in Puebla. In turn, Mexicans gained another occasion to have fun, and show off with their soldiers.

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico - Best Season 2020
Best time for Cinco de Mayo in Mexico 2020

Theme-related concerts, lectures, and other cultural events begin in Puebla already a few days before the main celebration that takes place on May 5th. The final day is highlighted by flamboyant parades and street parties. For the most authentic experience visit the neighbourhood of the original soldiers’ descendants found in Mexico City. These guys are quite interesting indeed.

Best time to see Cinco de Mayo in Mexico 2020