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Cinco de Mayo 2024

Bring your amigos and enjoy the fiesta with some Mexican flavor. There will be a fair, fresh margaritas, and mariachi music—a true Mexican festival in NYC!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) marks the anniversary of the Mexican army's victory over Napoleon III and the French troops in the Battle of Puebla that took place in 1862 (nothing to do with Mexican Independence Day on September 16). The holiday honors Mexican history, culture, and "resistance to foreign domination." It is celebrated annually all around the USA, but in New York, the parties are more rowdy and wild.

Mariachi music, colorful costumes with sombreros, a parade, speeches, and, of course, lots of margaritas create a vibrant atmosphere and a true Mexican spirit. Among the places to visit on this day is the Cinco de Mayo Street Fair near Grand Central Terminal with some of the best Mexican treats and bars like La Esquina in Chinatown and Cascabel Taqueria East in the Upper East Side. Here you can find some drinks and cocktails that will help you to party all night long. An array of amazing Mexican restaurants and food trucks to have fast and the best taco in your life are here for you as well.

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