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Cactus Bloom

Walking across the desert, you might get lucky to see a rare cactus bloom

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Seeing a lush white flower with pink, and purple shades yielded by the organ pipe cactus seems to be quite a rare blessing. The plant itself is exquisite—one can find it only across a limited deserted area in the north of Mexico, and also some southernmost points of the USA. Moreover, it also blooms for a short period of two months, and each flower remains open for less that 12 hours—throughout the night till mid-morning. Such a quest seems to only enhance the desire to find that unique plant, doesn't it?

If you're already excited to catch an organ pipe cactus bloom, set off in the late evening to the Sonoran Desert, northern Sinaloa, western Chihuahua, or Baja California Sur, during the blooming season which falls on late April and continues to June.

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