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Grutas Tolantongo

Have you ever imagined an infinity pool?

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Las Grutas Tolantongo, or the so-called Tolantongo caves, are an accumulation of hot spring pools set into a rock in Hidalgo. Sitting in a picturesque canyon northeast of Mexico City, they remained a well-kept well. Then, in the 1970s, with no government or outside help, an association consisting of 112 families constructed the grottos and the resort.

More than 30 pools contain warm, naturally mineral-infused water, which is heated by the volcanic mountains. You can receive a dose of adventure while exploring two main caves and a tunnel. There is also a hot spring river to swim in, and a kid-friendly pool.

You will find three hotels there, as well as campsites, ziplining and restaurants. Camping is also allowed, bring a tent with you or rent one.

The park is open all year round including holidays and there's no "low season. If you want to avoid the crowds, a visit is better to be made during the week.

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