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Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico

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Grutas Tolantongo

Las Grutas Tolantongo, or the so-called Tolantongo caves, are an accumulation of hot spring pools set into a rock in Hidalgo. Sitting in a picturesque canyon northeast of Mexico City, they remained a well-kept well. Then, in the 1970s, with no government or outside help, an association consisting of 112 families constructed the grottos and the resort.

More than 30 pools contain warm, naturally mineral-infused water, which is heated by the volcanic mountains. You can receive a dose of adventure while exploring two main caves and a tunnel. There is also a hot spring river to swim in, and a kid-friendly pool.

You will find three hotels there, as well as campsites, ziplining and restaurants. Camping is also allowed, bring a tent with you or rent one.

The park is open all year round including holidays and there's no "low season. If you want to avoid the crowds, a visit is better to be made during the week.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Grutas Tolantongo to avoid the crowds?

You can avoid the crowds at Grutas Tolantongo by visiting on weekdays or during off-season. The park remains open throughout the year, including holidays, but relatively few people visit it during the weekdays or off-season. This is the best time to visit if you prefer a serene and peaceful environment. Show more

Where is Grutas Tolantongo located in Mexico?

Hidalgo, an eastern-central state in Mexico, is home to Grutas Tolantongo. The hot spring pools are situated in a stunning canyon to the northeast of Mexico City. Reaching the site is quite easy as it is accessible via public transportation such as buses and taxis. It typically takes about three hours to get there from Mexico City. Show more

What adventure activities can you do besides swimming?

Apart from swimming in the mineral-rich hot springs, there are many adventure activities you can engage in at Grutas Tolantongo. Visitors can explore the two main caves and tunnel, enjoy ziplining, hiking and trekking, and hot air balloon rides that offer spectacular views of the area's natural wonders. There is something for everyone, no matter what their skill or activity level is. Show more

Are there any restrictions on camping in the area?

Camping at Grutas Tolantongo is allowed, and there are excellent facilities to enhance your experience. You have the option of bringing your own tent, renting one from the park, or booking a room at one of the three hotels available in the area. However, open fires and alcohol consumption are prohibited within the park premises. Show more

When was the grottos and the resort constructed and by whom?

Grutas Tolantongo's grottos and resorts were constructed by an association of 112 families in the 1970s using their funds and efforts. With the assistance of government or external sources, they developed an excellent tourist destination. Grutas Tolantongo currently offers over 30 warm, mineral-rich hot springs, hotels, restaurants, and camping facilities to visitors, and it is incredibly popular year-round. Show more

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