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Brimketill (Troll Pool) in Iceland 2024

Witness this lava rock natural wonder sitting on the coast, west of the town Grindavík

Best time: June–August

Brimketill (Troll Pool)
Brimketill (Troll Pool)
Brimketill (Troll Pool)

Brimketill hot spring, naturally shaped in a pool, is formed by the endless surf breaking on the lava rock coast. The legend has it, the spring was regularly occupied by female troll Oddný, from where it takes its name—Oddnýjarlaug. For that reason, you may hear the jokes that the place is solely for trolls, not for humans, and multiple signs will warn you about life-threatening risks you undergo if you adventure to swim there.

Believe it or not, but take into consideration that nature plays tricks at times with its visitors. You risk being swept away from the platform by strong blasts of wind or unexpectedly soaked by huge waves into the ocean. Anyway, easily reached from the road 425, the Troll Pool will treat you with magnificent vistas and a large portion of adrenaline.

Practical info

When should visitors plan to see Brimketill?

To make the most of their visit, tourists should plan to see Brimketill from June to August, when the weather is milder and there are longer daylight hours. Due to the unpredictable Icelandic weather, visitors should always check the forecast before planning their visit. Show more

What's the location of Brimketill in Iceland?

Brimketill is situated on Iceland's west coast, near Grindavík town. To get there, visitors should travel on road 425. It's worth noting that overall travel to the location can be challenging because there are lava rock coastlines surrounding the site which can be daunting for unfamiliar drivers. Show more

What is the story behind the formation of the Brimketill?

The formation of Brimketill is a legend in Iceland. It is said that Oddný troll used to sunbathe and bathe in the pool's natural shape before boiling it after human interruption. This made the pool permanently off-limits to humans as it's now believed to be a place of swimming for trolls only. Show more

What are the dangers associated with swimming in Brimketill?

Swimming in Brimketill is not advised due to the risk of sudden gusts of wind and waves that could knock visitors into the ocean. As the surroundings are rather treacherous, caution should always be exercised. It should be widely acknowledged that appearing to be calm, the pool is next to an erratic coastline and that strong seas can occur suddenly. Show more

What should visitors be cautious of when they visit Brimketill?

Beyond the danger of swimming, visitors must also be cautious of strong winds that may blow sea spray onto them and unsteady their balance. Since the location lacks proper facilities like washrooms, visiting can be difficult. It's advisable for tourists to stay alert and safeguard themselves from potential peril during their visit. Show more

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