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Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool in Iceland 2024

One of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland

Best time: mid-May–mid-August (all year round)

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool
Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool
Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool
Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

Created for locals to learn how to swim, this pool has become an oasis of tranquility ​as it is placed into the side of a green hill, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Built in 1923, Seljavallalaug is a 25-meter outdoor pool in southern Iceland, located not far from Seljavellir. It was constructed by Bjorn Andrésson Berjaneskoti— the largest pool in Iceland until 1936. The pool is always open and free of charge. It is cleaned once every summer. Thus, visitors who have safety or health concerns might want to avoid swimming in the pool.

The pool sources water from a nearby hot spring that helps keep the temperature warm throughout the year. In the summer months, the water temperature is about 30 °C, and it cools down in the winter season. The trail to the pool is very picturesque and takes around 20 minutes to hike. You'll pass fields of lava ash and beautiful streams crossing the valley.

In 2010, Seljavallalaug was filled with ash after the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, in the summer of 2011 it was cleaned and restored by a group of volunteers. The pool is open year round, the winter it might be a little cold. Summer offers a 24-hour experience thanks to the midnight sun.

Practical info

When is a suitable time to visit the swimming pool situated in Iceland's Seljavellir region?

It is best to visit the Seljavallalaug swimming pool located in Iceland's Seljavellir region during the period between mid-May to mid-August, as the water temperature is warm and the weather is preferable for outdoor activities. Nevertheless, one may swim in the pool at their convenience throughout the year. Show more

What is the geographical location of the Seljavallalaug swimming pool in Iceland?

The Seljavallalaug swimming pool is located in south Iceland amidst a picturesque valley that is surrounded by stunning landscapes, lava ash fields, and a 20-minute hiking trail. It is situated close to Seljavellir and is easily accessible by car. Show more

What is the temperature of the swimming pool's water during summers?

During summertime, the water temperature in the Seljavallalaug swimming pool averages about 30°C, thanks to its proximity to hot springs that source its water. Nonetheless, visitors may find it challenging to swim in colder months as pool water temperature may decrease as a result. Show more

Who built the Seljavallalaug pool and when?

Bjorn Andrésson Berjaneskoti built Seljavallalaug swimming pool in 1923, making it one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. It is 25 meters long and was the most extensive pool in Iceland till 1936. The pool was created to teach locals swimming techniques but has now become a unique set of attractions for tourists as it showcases Iceland's natural beauty. Show more

When is the Seljavallalaug swimming pool open and what changes during winter?

The Seljavallalaug swimming pool is open all year round, including winter. However, the winter swim may be colder due to decreased water temperature, and the hike to the pool may be more challenging due to ice or snow. On the other hand, visitors can experience the silence and the northern lights in winter months. Show more

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