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Guayaba (Guava)

This exotic fruit is eaten whole along with the skin and seeds, and its specific piquant flavour makes for refreshing fruit drinks and cocktails


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The main property that makes guavas so appealing is its subtle flavour. It’s eaten entirely with its greenish skin, white or pink pulp, and its abundant seeds. At first, it might seem weird to gum unchewable seeds, but don’t give up and you’ll soon develop a taste for it, cause the seeds matter as well. Owing to the unusually refreshing taste guavas are used in a lot of cocktails and other seasonal drinks. Normally guava grows to the size of a baseball or golf ball, yet southern Mexico is blessed with large fruit, the size of which may be compared to that of a pear. Guavas can be grown in Mexico year-round, but for the sake of the water economy, the season is restricted to August through April.

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