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Flying Ant Salsa

Mexicans know the most effective method for how to turn your enemies into friends—to kill and cook them


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This rule is put into practice in Oaxaca, where the start of rainy season brings swarms of chicatanas to the region. Hundreds of bold-faced ants won't hesitate to follow you directly into your apartment but don't get upset too quickly, cause you can have delicious salsa for dinner if you know the recipe.

So here it follows: catch as many chicatanas as possible, cook them on a pan-like Mexican comal, then grind them up well and cook further with salt, garlic, chilli, and water. Spread flying ant salsa over a tortilla and enjoy the snack. And don't worry, the rule applies only to the ants, and personal relationships between humans are solved in more complicated ways, surely without bloodshed.

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