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Pan de Indio or Indian Bread, Chile 2024-2025

Native Chileans used edible fungi​ as a substitute for bread, and nowadays it is applied in salads, jams, and souvenirs

Best time: October–April

Pan de Indio or Indian Bread
Pan de Indio or Indian Bread

Its Spanish name "Pan de Indio" literally means "Indian bread," and in fact, Chile's native people, including Yámana and Selk’nam nations, used to eat it like bread. Besides, it used to be an important diet element for Yaghan people, the native residents of Tierra del Fuego Island. Though today it is mostly used by local artisans in souvenir making, some people still apply the edible fungi in salads and also make it into jam.

The edible fungi grow on the coihue and ñire trees and is recognized by clusters of yellow-coloured spheres that resemble ping-pong balls. By flavour, they are like bad​ mushrooms, and by texture—similar to squid. Look for the rare delicacy while hiking in Patagonia between October and April.