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Kimchi Festival 2022

Kimjang is a Korean custom where the whole community comes together to make large amounts of kimchi to last throughout winter

Dates: October 20–23, 2022

Kimchi Festival
Kimchi Festival
Kimchi Festival

Kimjang is the tradition of making kimchi, the traditional Korean food that has been inscribed by UNESCO to its list of intangible cultural heritage items. Kimjang season occurs in late autumn since this activity's purpose is to make a significant amount of kimchi for the winter season. This custom showcases the Korean spirit of sharing among neighbours and promoting solidarity.

What is kimchi? It's a traditional Korean side dish, kind of fermented veggies. It could be made of cabbage, radish, and cucumber as the main ingredients. During the preparation process, the vegetables are seasons with brine, garlic, spices, ginger, or seafood sauces. You can learn more about the Kimchi history and varieties in the Kimchi Museum.

In 2014, Korea opened an opportunity for foreign tourists to participate in this tradition through the Seoul Kimchi Festival, taking place in early November on Seoul Plaza. Did you know that Kimchi has been recognized as one of the World's Healthiest Foods according to Health magazine? And if you want to experience what most Koreans regard as the best kimchi, it is an absolute must to visit during Kimjang season.

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