Best season to travel to South Korea

Fugu (Puffer Fish or Blowfish) in South Korea 2024-2025

Every year six people die from eating this fish. If you get thrills from life risks, you are welcome to challenge your fortune

Best time: November–March

Fugu (Puffer Fish or Blowfish)
Fugu (Puffer Fish or Blowfish)
Fugu (Puffer Fish or Blowfish)
Fugu (Puffer Fish or Blowfish)

How do you feel about eating a fish 1200 times as poisonous as cyanide? Puffer Fish or Fugu is prohibited in the European Union, yet there are a few places around the world where this dangerous specialty is still served.

South Korea is one of them along with Japan and China. But there would be no offer, if there hadn't been demand, and indeed the dangerous fish is really sought-after. Moreover, most people confess they are tempted by that very lethal threat rather than some unique flavour.

It must be quite a thrill to risk one's own life, yet if you love your life and feel like there is still so much left to do during your lifetime, you should know a few things before eating fugu. Firstly, choose only licensed restaurants. The chefs there aren't given the placement until they accomplish all the tests, one of which includes eating puffer fish prepared by themselves. Note, that only 35% of all the applicants are allowed to the kitchen.

The second essential thing you have to be aware of is that the most lethal part of the poisonous fish is liver, and nearly 50% of all the lethal accidents happened after consumption of the liver. Some madmen continue to order liver though, and some chefs serve it, even though this is banned, and if it becomes revealed, those chefs are fired. Needless to say, that liver is also said to be the most delicious part of the fish.

During the past few years, the number of fugu-related deaths has decreased to six persons per year. Besides, some investigations have been done attempting to breed poison-free fugu in domestic conditions. The breeders claim it's quite a real thing to do, as wild fugu is poisonous owing to toxic bacteria it feeds on.

So soon eating puffer fish might be claimed totally safe. And still you should think twice before taking those risks.

If you are still into doing that, the season runs from November through March.

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