Best season to travel to Guatemala

Zompopos de Mayo

Mmm, yummy ant butts taste and crun​ch like peanuts and the season is too short to linger!

Zompopos de Mayo in Guatemala 2020 - Best Time


You think ants can't be eaten? Think again! Ants in Guatemala are delicious and locals love them. Crunchy roasted ant butts (this is actually the edible part) taste like peanuts. They are cooked with a little butter and salt ​and commonly served with a tortilla and lime juice. Besides, these yummy treats are added to the famous guacamole made of mashed avocado, tomatoes, chili peppers, and chopped onions.

Zompopos de Mayo in Guatemala - Best Season 2020

Leaf cutter ants are in season only in May, hence comes the name "Zompopos de Mayo," so do not miss this exotic delicacy if you happen to be in Guatemala during this time which also marks the beginning of the rainy season.