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Fiestas de Octubre 2024 in Mexico

Cowboy homes, the birthplace of tequila, and mariachi music are all showcases in month-long festivities

Dates: October, 2024

Fiestas de Octubre
Fiestas de Octubre
Fiestas de Octubre

The western Mexican city of Guadalajara is often associated with cowboys, mariachi music, and tequila, but these associations only scratch the surface. As the capital of Jalisco State, Guadalajara boasts a rich and versatile culture. While deeply rooted in long-established traditions, local artists continually push boundaries by creating modern art and independent music. The contemporary side of this historic city is prominently displayed every October during the Fiestas de Octubre, a month-long celebration that peaks during the last weekend of the month.

Activities and Attractions

Fiestas de Octubre offers traditional music and dance performances, contemporary art exhibitions, and a variety of food stalls featuring local cuisine. Additionally, there are numerous workshops and interactive experiences for children and adults alike. The festival also hosts a carnival with rides and games, providing entertainment for the whole family.

Tickets and Hours

As per the festival's official information, ticket prices are as follows: general admission (ages 13 and up) is 50 pesos, children (ages 3 to 12) are 20 pesos, students, seniors, and people with disabilities are 25 pesos, entrance to Canica Azul is 40 pesos, and school groups (without access to Canica Azul) are 10 pesos. The festival's main venue, the Auditorio Benito Juárez, operates Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm, with ticket booths open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm.

Location and Infrastructure

The Fiestas de Octubre primarily takes place at the Auditorio Benito Juárez in Guadalajara. The venue is well-connected by various forms of public transportation. Several bus lines stop near the auditorium, including T15-C01, T15-C02, T14B, and C98 Mi Transporte Eléctrico. For those traveling by train, the LÍNEA 1 line stops at Periférico Norte and Estación Auditorio. The closest Mi Macro Calzada station is Independencia Norte, while Mi Macro Periférico's nearest station is also Independencia Norte.

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