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Rooftop Films 2021

Rooftop Films travel across the city, holding screenings on rooftops, parks, and other beautiful spots


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Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 concerns, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed into limited versions, sometimes at very short notice. Please check with event organizers directly for the latest updates (view the "External Resources" section below).

Every summer Rooftop Films presents a colourful mix of indie movies, documentaries and short films in New York City. The festival is unique due to its outdoor venues like rooftops, parks, piers, or other scenic locations in NYC and beyond. Also, it's known due to its eclectic film selection. Some screenings may be free, while others require tickets.

Filmmaker Mark Elijah Rosenberg founded the Rooftop Festival in July 1997, when he started showing movies on his rooftop in East Village with a 16 mm projector. Since then the festival has become a premier venue, which focuses on independent short and feature films. The annual Summer Series usually features about 35 screenings each year.

Rooftop Films as a nonprofit organization helps emerging filmmakers to produce new films, rents equipment and supports film screenings citywide at low-cost to artists and community groups. Rooftop Films promotes innovative work of new filmmakers, outsider artists, and underrepresented directors.

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