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Easter Food

You make know Easter bread and Italian panettone but how about trying dove cake or a rustic pizza?


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In fact, Easter in Rome offers more baked goodies than one might think. One great Easter treat is colomba which is also​ known as dove cake—its X-shape even resembles a flying bird! Apart from sweet pastries, there are also plenty of salty and meaty baked goods. Rustic pizza, for example, is stuffed with ham and cheese not quite flat but rather more like a cake. Another baked delicacy you might find in Rome during Easter is casatiello—even fatter than rustic pizza! It contains lard, namely swine fat, and also various cheeses and cured meats. Be ready for lots of meat! But after all, we deserve it after 40 days of Lent. So, dear foodies, enjoy the feast!

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