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Maximón 2021

A womanizer, drunkard, and chain-smoker is worshipped in some parts of Guatemala as a saint


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According to the legend, the depraved Maximón used to break into Guatemala's houses when the hosts were out working the field and sleep with their wives. He was deprived of his limbs by angry men and thus is depicted without arms or legs. In addition to his womanizing vice, this villain was both a heavy drinker and smoker.​ Today, it is difficult to trace back the origin of Maximón, but he is supposed to have emerged from ancient pre-Colombian beliefs, and his images are still found in Western Guatemala where the "saint" is still worshipped.

The limbless effigy of Maximón is sometimes placed inside houses where people gather to pray in front of the idol. Ironically the peak of worship falls on a Holy Week right before the Catholic Easter. Still, Guatemalans do not pray for good luck, but rather to alleviate the anger of the limbless womanizer to prevent their​ villages from similar disasters.