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Hiking in Budapest

Some light hiking within the city limits is a great activity between tasting Hungarian cuisine


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Buda's​ hills are great for not just panoramic views, but they also hide some secrets which you can easily find while hiking.

Hármashatár Hill is one of the most popular places, as its path leads to Lion's Rock that guards the entrance to the 11-meter-long Lion's Cave. It is also a part of the National Blue Trail, the oldest hiking trail in Europe.

View of Budapest from Hármashatár-hegy 2020
View of Budapest from Hármashatár-hegy
Hármashatár Hill navigation sign 2020
Hármashatár Hill navigation sign

János Hill is the highest point in Budapest. It can be reached on foot, but consider also using the Chairlift, which is almost 1 km long, or take the Children's Railway. All the stops along the Children's Railway route are popular recreation spots such as ​Széchenyi Hill, Normafa, Wildlife Park, and János Hill.

János Hill or János-hegy 2020
János Hill or János-hegy
János-hegy, the highest of the Buda hills 2020
János-hegy, the highest of the Buda hills

After reaching Buda's heights spend some time in its depths: the Pál-völgyi Stalactite Cave, the Hospital in the Rock, and the Buda Castle Labyrinth in the Castle Cave.

Buda Castle 2020
Buda Castle

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