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Lake Champlain Fall Foliage in Vermont

The Lake Champlain Region is filled with amazing colors during the fall season

Lake Champlain Fall Foliage

The Lake Champlain Region is a beautiful area all year round. But in the fall, it can literally blow your mind—the yellow, red, and orange colors change the trees into a wonderful spectacle. In this article, we’ve put together the best trails and spots all over this area to help you immerse yourself in the beauty of the fall season. The best time for fall foliage near Lake Champlain is early September to mid-October.

Let's start with the forest because it is abundant with fall foliage views. We suggest you investigate Noblewood Trail, which is great for its hike and beach walk. It features interesting coastlines and views of distant mountains. Also, you can check out the Belfry Mountain Trail to the summit of Belfry Mountain. For more vistas, climb to the fire tower at the top. Don't miss a chance to see Sand Bar State Park and Niquette Bay State Park, which have also prepared a fall extravaganza for you.

To revel in panoramic on-the-water views of the colorful trees, you should try paddling and boating. Also, pay attention to Route 9N throughout the Lake Champlain Region. It offers stunning views of fall foliage along the coast. If you like biking, glide through farm country, Rolling Reber Ramble and Joe’s Random Scoot, or alongside the rivers and streams, such as Women’s Suffrage Way and Water’s Edge Trail.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Lake Champlain for fall foliage?

Fall foliage in Lake Champlain is best seen during early September to mid-October when trees change to a breathtaking array of yellow, red, and orange colors, creating a stunning scenery. Show more

Where are the best hiking trails to see the fall foliage in Lake Champlain?

To enjoy the fall foliage, hiking at Noblewood Trail is ideal due to its beach walk and stunning mountain views. Belfry Mountain Trail also offers spectacular summit views and fire tower. Sand Bar State Park and Niquette Bay State Park are additional favorite sites for observing trees with colorful leaves. Show more

What water activities can I do to see fall foliage in Lake Champlain?

If you wish to savor the autumn leaves viewing, paddle and boating in Lake Champlain is recommended. From the coastal area, you get an impressive panoramic view of the fall foliage. You can also observe the colorful trees by driving along Route 9N throughout the Lake Champlain Region. Show more

Where can I go biking to see fall foliage in Lake Champlain?

Fall foliage can be best experienced on a bike ride along Women's Suffrage Way and Rolling Reber Ramble in Lake Champlain. Biking routes along Water's Edge Trail and Joe's Random Scoot, beside rivers, are also perfect for exploring colorful leaves or the beauty of the countryside. Show more

What are some popular state parks to see fall foliage in Lake Champlain Region?

To catch the visually exciting fall foliage and panoramic views of Lake Champlain, visit Sand Bar State Park and Nyquist Beach State Park. Try exploring Shelving Rock Falls or Emerald Lake State Park, both offering outstanding views. The region has many state parks, making it easy to locate a perfect destination to observe the lakes and colorful trees. Show more

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