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Rhode Island Fall Foliage

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Rhode Island Fall Foliage
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Even though Rhode Island might be more famous for its waterfront landscapes, do not underestimate its fall colors. The state has reserved several excellent opportunities to relish fall foliage. You can opt from urban sceneries, state parks, or dozens of scenic drives.

Fall colors peak Rhode Island

The season might differ from year to year. Yet, the brightest colors usually explode across Rhode Island starting from early October and last until the end of the month. The fall comes first to the heavily wooded northwest and gradually moves southeast. If your destination is the Providence area, plan your visit in early-to-mid October. If you visit the Newport area, the best time is mid-to-late October.

Best places in Rhode Island for fall foliage

You'll find some great pockets of color at every corner throughout Rhode Island. Yet, certain spots appear to be increasingly popular. If you're into urban landscapes, hit Bristol, Providence, or Jamestown. Some of the favorites outside of the city include Goddard Memorial State Park, Beavertail State Park, and Burlingame State Park.

Fall foliage drives Rhode Island

Thanks to numerous scenic drives, the best way to soak in the fall foliage in the Ocean State must be a road trip. Check out the picturesque Ocean Drive that starts at Fort Adams State Park, Newport, and features Newport Cliff Walk, oceanside views, and historic architecture. Also, you can enjoy fall colors along Route 110 between the University of Rhode Island and the Great Swamp Wildlife Reservation with Worden Pond. Another great itinerary for leaf peepers lies along Route 3, a quiet drive running across West-Central Rhode Island, with dozens of pretty small towns such as Coventry and Hopkinton.

Fall foliage map Rhode Island

See the fall foliage map of Rhode Island below. There you'll find all the locations mentioned in this article and the best options to stay nearby. Plan your fall foliage trip ahead and book accommodations in advance so that you revel in seasonal splendor without extra worries.

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When is the best time to visit Rhode Island for fall foliage?

Rhode Island's fall foliage peak usually happens in mid-October in Newport and early-to-mid October in Providence. The stunning colors usually last until the end of the month, and they vary depending on the weather conditions each year. Show more

Where are the best places to enjoy fall colors in Rhode Island?

There are many spots in Rhode Island to bask in the stunning fall foliage, such as state parks, urban sceneries, and scenic drives. Some of the top picks include Bristol, Beavertail State Park, Goddard Memorial State Park, Jamestown, Providence, and the Burlingame State Park. Show more

What are some popular urban locations to see fall foliage in Rhode Island?

If urban fall scenery is what you seek in Rhode Island, popular spots include Bristol, Providence, and Jamestown. In Jamestown, Beavertail Lighthouse State Park is a great location to view majestic colors. Meanwhile, Bristol is known for historic resplendence, and Providence's Prospect Terrace Park offers panoramic views. Show more

When does the fall foliage season start and end in Rhode Island?

The fall foliage in Rhode Island typically begins in early October and lasts for the month. The colors first appear in the heavily wooded north-west region, eventually shifting to the south-east. The Newport region usually experiences peak season in mid-October and early-to-mid October in Providence. Show more

What are some scenic drives to take to see fall foliage in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island provides picturesque routes to savor the autumnal hues, such as the ocean-driven Newport Cliff Walk, featuring historic architecture and mesmerizing seascapes. Route 110 between the University of Rhode Island and the Great Swamp Wildlife Reservation, with Worden Pond, is a fantastic option. Additionally, Route 3 is a quiet road passing across West-Central Rhode Island with charming small towns along the way. Show more

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