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Somerville Fireworks 4th of July 2024

Experience a premier Fourth of July Celebration 5 miles (8 km) northwest of Downtown Boston

Dates: June 27–28, 2024 (unconfirmed)

Somerville Fireworks 4th of July
Somerville Fireworks 4th of July
Somerville Fireworks 4th of July
Somerville Fireworks 4th of July

If you're looking for alternatives to the touristy Independence Day events and shows in Downtown Boston, you might be interested in a Fourth of July Celebration in one of the city's northwestern suburbs. This outdoor bash is commonly known as simply Somerville Fireworks and takes place in Trum Field. The show is typically scheduled in late June, the dates might differ from year to year.


Sommerville's Fourth of July Celebration usually spans from 6 pm to 10 pm and features live performances with a spectacular firework extravaganza at the end of the festivities. The pyrotechnics display is usually set to begin at 9:15 pm after a countdown by Somerville's mayor. To witness this magnificent sight, consider arriving earlier to reserve the best spot at the venue.

Music Show & Performances

One of the regular artists at this annual event is DJ Phillip Tan, whose mixes have gained popularity among the residents of Somerville. He will start off an evening of pop, funk and soul. Other than that, his set will be accompanied by the performances of local musicians. During the Somerville celebration, you'll have a chance to discover new aspiring acts while dancing to your heart's content. Another tradition of the event is the collective singing of the national anthem, "Star-Spangled Banner".

Food & Drinks

Somerville Fireworks Celebration at Trum Field boasts plenty of food options to everyone's liking. After hours of dancing, you'll most likely need a snack and a refreshing beverage, and the food vendors at the event will be happy to help. Nibble Kitchen and Italian Wizard food trucks are regulars at this event, providing delicious street food. Fried dough and cotton candy are just some of the classics that you'll have a chance to try during the festivities.

Transportation to Trum Field

To get to the event's venue, Trum Field, which is located on on 541 Broadway, you can hop on one of the buses 80, 89, and 93. However, consider checking the bus schedule prior to leaving since the route and departure times might change due to the celebration. The spot is located right in the city centre, so if you're staying any of the nearby hotels, you'll be able to get to the event on foot.


Due to the event and for the safety of the pedestrians, the city's administration applies severe parking restrictions every year. Note that there will be no parking opportunities along the Broadway from Cedar Street to Charles Ryan Road and to the Bridge on Broadway, and also Medford Street to Boston Avenue. You won't be able to park on Williams Street from 17 pm until midnight, as well as on Franey Road from 15 pm till midnight. Because of this, the routes of local MBTA buses are applicable to changes as well.

4th of July in the Boston Area

Somerville is located in close proximity to Boston, a multi-cultural hub that celebrates American Independence like no other. If you venture 5 miles (8 km) southeast across the Charles River, you'll have a chance to attend Boston Harborfest, Braintree Day, and witness breathtaking Boston Pops fireworks spectacular. For more information, please refer to this article about 4th of July in Boston.

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