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Best time to visit Boston

Visit America's Oldest Lighthouse

An ancient lighthouse overlooked by the Boston city skyline—a real trip for romantics

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The 76-step-high Boston Light set on Little Brewster Island is fascinating along with the views of the city skyline as seen from the top of the lighthouse. This tall, round building looks attractively creepy, and might even seem a good setting for a spooky movie. The place is actually full of legends and mysterious stories about shipwrecks and ghosts that are said to be still living there. You might think this site is abandoned, but it is not. In fact, the lighthouse is operatio​nal and regularly maintained by a crew of people and continues to warn boats of land and prevent shipwrecks. America's oldest lighthouse was built in 1783, seven years after the USA declared independence. Adventure-seekers may explore this amusing site and have a ​closer look at the iconic lighthouse during the Boston Light Tour running from late June to early October.

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