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Charles River Kayaking in Boston

Boston is one of those lucky cities that can be observed by boat

Best time: April–October

Charles River Kayaking
Charles River Kayaking
Charles River Kayaking

A river flowing through a city is a great gem for townspeople who can always unwind and relax with a refreshing canoe or kayak trip on the water. Blessed with the Charles River, Bostonians may indulge in boating for half the year from April through October. Paddlers with more skill may also row to the open water into the Boston Harbour. The sights of wonder​ful urban landscapes make this activity certainly worth trying while visiting Boston.​

Practical info

When is the appropriate period to engage in kayaking in Boston?

Paddling season runs from April to late October in Boston. The most preferred months are June through September. This is when the weather is suitable and warm. The kayaking activity experience is also exceptional when the weather is calm. Show more

What is the most suitable time of day to kayak on Charles River?

For an ideal experience, it's best to go kayaking in the morning or early evening. There is low wind activity at these times, providing a peaceful ambiance. Crowdedness is also less during the afternoon hours. The summer period has evening kayaking tours with a beautiful sunset view of the city’s architecture. Show more

Which location is best for starting kayaking on the Charles River?

Several public launch spots are available for kayaking on the Charles River. They include Charles River Canoe & Kayak, Herter Park, and Artesani Park, which are accessible by public means. The sites have proper facilities such as parking and restrooms, allowing easy accessibility to the water. Show more

What are the necessary safety precautions for kayaking on Charles River?

While paddling the Charles River, it is crucial to wear personal flotation devices and check sailing conditions. The appropriate paddling technique is also necessary to prevent hazards such as strong currents and high-speed boats or rowing shells that may be sharing the waterways. It's safer to paddle in groups, especially when unfamiliar with the waterway. Show more

Can one kayak to Boston Harbor from Charles River?

Advanced Kayakers can sail to the Boston Harbor from Charles River in about 2.5 hours. It's important to have knowledge on the region's waterways and tidal currents as well as avoid high-speed boats to ensure safety. Going alone is not recommended, especially for inexperienced individuals or those with a tendency to get seasick. Going with an experienced guide or group is advisable. Show more

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