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Gosau Lake Diving in Austria

Experience diving and other water activities at Lake Gosau in Salzkammergut

Gosau Lake Diving
Gosau Lake Diving
Gosau Lake Diving

This picturesque mountain lake is located between the Dachstein Glacier and the peaks of the Gosaukamm. Its waters are cold, clear, and pure enough to drink! These perfect waters provide perfect conditions for breeding a large variety of fish. Thanks to its water purity, it is also one of the most attractive diving destinations in Europe. Hiking around the lake Gosau is a popular activity for both locals and tourists alike as well. During summer, the small mountain lake is a great destination for water lovers. The famous German traveller and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt named it the "eye of God."

Practical info

When is the best time to go diving in Lake Gosau?

The ideal time to engage in diving activities in Lake Gosau is between May and October when the water is clear and temperatures average 16-18°C. If diving in winter, visibility will be dire and the lake decked with ice patches. To ensure optimal safety and maximize the experience it's best to stick between May and October. Show more

Where is Lake Gosau located in Austria?

Lake Gosau finds itself in the Salzkammergut region in Austria, the area bound by the Dachstein Mountains and the peaks of the Gosaukamm range. A ride from Salzburg via a coach is a possible means of reaching this location. For a more scenic trek, hikers can get to the site while taking on the several hiking trails in the region, displaying picturesque views. Show more

What are some popular hiking trails around the lake?

The 'Around Lake Gosau' trail or 'Rund um den Gosausee' trail, is the most preferred hiking trail, excellent for capturing sights of Lake Gosau's surrounding mountains and lake. The trail is approximately 4 km long. Another trail is the 'Ebenalm Rundweg' route, an 11km loop that offers sights of alpine meadows and striking views of the Dachstein Mountain range. Show more

What kind of fish can be found in Lake Gosau?

Lake Gosau is a habitat to different fish species such as Perch, Carp, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, and Grayling thanks to the extraordinary water purity level. The fish species often thrive in the lake's waters, and their taste is a significant delicacy for tourists and natives to savour. Fishing can be done around the lake, but individuals must secure the necessary permits and fish by the regulations. Show more

Can non-divers enjoy the lake as well?

Absolutely. Several non-diving activities are available to allow anyone to appreciate Lake Gosau's clear waters, kayaking, fishing, swimming among them. Picnic spots provide the perfect spots to observe the beautiful mountain range and surrounding landscapes. However, temperatures in the winter can make it unbearable to swim, hence inadvisable to do so at such times. Show more

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