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Lake Holidays Season in Austria

Enjoy summertime on the gorgeous Austrian Riviera

Best time: May–September

Lake Holidays Season
Lake Holidays Season
Lake Holidays Season
Lake Holidays Season

Austria is a country of crystal clear water reservoirs, rivers, and lakes. All in all, there are some 300 lakes in Austria, most of them available for swimming. Carinthian lakes in South Eastern Austria are the warmest in the summer. Water in the Faaker See can reach 27°C. U​pper Austria offers Lake Attersee, Lake Hallstatt, Irrsee, Mondsee, ​Traunsee, and Lake Wolfgang. The turquoise-coloured Lake Attersee is almost 47 sq km in size. It is well known for its perfect sailing and surfing conditions. You can rent a boat there, practice sailing and surfing, organize a camping trip or relax on special bathing areas.

Lake Hallstatt is known for its cleanliness. It is particularly suited for swimming, fishing, canoeing, and rafting. This 125 m deep lake has one of the largest fish populations and supports all kinds of diving sports. Campgrounds and nude beaches can also be found here.

Lake Irrsee, or Zellersee as it is also known, is a good place for swimming, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. The 12 km long Lake Mondsee is known as the warmest lake of Upper Austria. It is popular for sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, and diving. The beautiful Lake Traunsee is Austria's deepest lake at 197 m. It is known for its numerous water sports.

A choice of watersports awaits visitors at Lake Wolfgang. It is situated in both the province of Upper Austria and Salzburger Land. Sailors and surfers especially appreciate the constant light wind.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Austria for a lake holiday?

The period from May to September is best suited for visitors looking to explore the natural beauty of Austrian lakes. These months provide warm weather, which is perfect for swimming and engaging in other related water activities. It is the ideal time to experience the majestic Austrian landscapes. Show more

Where in Austria are the warmest lakes for swimming available?

Carinthian Lakes, situated in South Eastern Austria, is the go-to location for visitors looking for warm lakes such as Faaker See, where water temperatures reach up to 27°C. Lake Wolfgang, found in Upper Austria and Salzburger Land provinces, has mild breezes, which makes it popular for surfers and sailors. Show more

What are the popular water sports available on Lake Attersee and Lake Traunsee?

Lake Attersee is known for sailing and surfing as visitors can experience ideal conditions for these activities. Lake Traunsee, which is the deepest lake in Austria, offers many water sports such as swimming, sailing, and fishing, among others. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in diving activities due to the lake's clear waters. Show more

Are there any specific restrictions on Lake Hallstatt regarding swimming or fishing?

Lake Hallstatt offers excellent water quality, making it ideal for visitors interested in swimming, fishing, rafting, and canoeing. Tourists must comply with regulations set to govern swimming and boating. There are reserved swimming areas that people should use, and at set times of the day, visitors are not allowed in the lake to allow cleaning procedures. Motorboats are banned. Show more

What unique facilities can be accessed on Lake Irrsee for recreational activities, beyond swimming and fishing?

Apart from fishing and swimming, Lake Irrsee provides a prime location for outdoor enthusiasts to participate in kayaking, canoeing, and rowing activities. The lake also offers a vast woodland area, which is perfect for taking strolls and horseback riding. Notably, the shore is lined with plenty of restaurants and bars, which offer the perfect relaxation spots as visitors soak in the scenery. Additionally, boats are available for rent for recreational purposes. Show more

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