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Lake Jocassee

One of the best nature spots in South Carolina with boat-in camping


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Lake Jocassee is located in Devils Fork State Park in northwest South Carolina. The large manmade lake was created by Duke Power in 1973. It covers 30 sq. km (7,500 acres) and is 91 m (300 ft) deep. The reservoir is fed by clean mountain rivers from the Appalachian Mountains. The Jocassee Gorges was named a destination of a lifetime and one of “50 of the World’s Last Great Places” by National Geographic Magazine.

Lake Jocassee offers countless opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping. There is even scuba diving on the lake! One of the most visited places is the 117 m (385 ft)-high dam at the Jocassee Gorges. The Jocassee Valley area is also known for its beautiful waterfalls accessible by boat. Jocassee also boasts the only temperate rain forest area east of the Rockies. Devils Fork State Park is home to diverse flora, especially the rare flower, the Oconee Bell (Shortia galacifolia).

Fishing at Lake Jocassee is also a rewarding experience, as it is home to both cold-water and warm-water fish species. Visitors can catch trout, hybrid stripers, crappie, bass, catfish, pickerel, white bass, and other species. Backpackers can camp at Devil's Fork State Park or any other camping site around Lake Jocassee. There is even an option of boat-in camping.

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