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South Carolina Carnival 2024

Get covered in paint at this festival of color

Dates: June 6-9, 2024

South Carolina Carnival
South Carolina carnival
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Held in downtown Columbia, the South Carolina Carnival (SCC) focuses on promoting Caribbean traditions in America. With many Caribbean-themed activities, the organizers want to pay tribute to the culture’s heritage with all its authentic local food, art, music, and entertainment.


A big part of the carnival is J'ouvert—a massive street party, which involves people throwing colorful paints and powder all around. It is held during sunrise, right before the main parade. The parade itself is a big deal, and locals take it very seriously, dressing up in crazy colorful costumes. Then, there’s also a free block party on the main street of Columbia day-time party that allows you to have fun while soaking up the sun.


Officially, the carnival is a two-day event, but it usually continues for up to four days total. Feel free to bring your children and family along as SCC is a family-oriented festival.

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