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Kitesurfing in Mallorca

The deep waters of the Balearic Sea are not so scary while atop a gliding surfboard with the wind at your back

Best time: April–September


The whole island of Mallorca is a great place for various outdoor activities, and its Northeastern coast is perfect for kitesurfing. It is a very demanding kind of sport, as special weather and geographic conditions are required, especially the right direction and strength of the wind and a favorable sea bottom. The Bay of Pollença and Bay of d'Alcudia in Mallorca are perfect for such an activity.

Kitesurfing is a combination of paragliding, flying a kite, and surfing. Beginners can take lessons, and professionals can rent a full set of equipment in the area. Be there from April till September in order to conquer the waves of the Balearic Sea.

Practical info

What are some recommended areas for kitesurfing in Mallorca?

Kitesurfing enthusiasts flock to the Bay of Pollença and Bay of d'Alcudia on the Northeastern coast of Mallorca due to the ideal wind direction and strength, and favorable sea bottoms. Most kitesurfing lessons and equipment rentals take place in these areas. Show more

What are the restrictions for kitesurfing in Mallorca?

Kitesurfing is not recommended for individuals under 16 years of age or for individuals who lack basic swimming skills. Good physical fitness is necessary to engage in this extreme sport. Show more

What is the usual duration of kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca?

The length of kitesurfing lessons can vary depending on the level of expertise and provider services. Beginner courses typically last between 2 to 3 hours, while intermediate courses span between 6 to 10 hours over several days. Advanced coaching courses or private sessions can last for several hours or days, depending on student requirements. Show more

When is the peak season for kitesurfing in Mallorca?

Kitesurfing is best enjoyed in Mallorca between April to September when strong, consistent winds and fewer rainy days occur. The weather is generally warm, and the water temperature is pleasant, which is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Show more

What gear do I need for kitesurfing in Mallorca?

Kitesurfing beginners and those who don't have their equipment can rent gear in Mallorca. The equipment set usually includes a kite, board, safety gear, and a wetsuit. Intermediate or professional kitesurfers must bring their equipment while ensuring they wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions while in Mallorca. Show more

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