Best time to visit Turkey

Kiteboarding in Turkey

Pure waters and perfect winds make Turkish beaches a great kiting destination

Best time: mid-April–mid-October


The most popular kiting grounds in Turkey are located in Gökova Bay. It's admired mainly for pure deep blue to light turquoise waters, moderate waves and just perfect winds, neither too weak, not too sharp. Being the most famous, it's not the only one—there's a plentitude of excellent kiting spots along the entire western coastline starting from the Black Sea beaches along the Marmara Sea and south to the Mediterranean. Turkey kite map spotlights Burç Beach, Kerpe, Derince, Altınova, Ayvalik, Çark Plaji, and other places.

The majority of the kiteboarding locations operate year-round, but the best winds are observed between mid-April and mid-October.

Practical info

When is the best time for kiteboarding in Turkey?

Kiteboarding in Turkey is possible throughout the year, but the ideal season is between mid-April and mid-October, thanks to excellent wind and warm weather. Tourists can explore the coastline's waters and enjoy top-notch kiting experiences with moderate waves and clear water. Turkey's outlook mesmerizes tourists and makes the kiting journey unforgettable. Show more

Where else can kiteboarding be enjoyed in Turkey, other than Gökova bay?

Kiteboarding enthusiasts can enjoy their sport in various spots along Turkey's vast western coast. There are other ideal kiteboarding destinations in Turkey, such as Kerpe, Burç Beach, Altınova, Ayvalik, and Çark Plaji. These spots offer favorable conditions, including shallow waters that are excellent for beginners. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Turkey's coast while having fun with kiteboarding. Show more

Is kiteboarding feasible for beginners in Turkey?

Mid-season months between June and August are the ideal period for beginners to try kiteboarding in Turkey's shallow waters. It offers a safe learning environment, and tourists can find plenty of kite schools and rental facilities in the coastline. Turkey accommodates beginners with trained instructors and kiteboarding gear to make them comfortable and confident with their experience. Show more

What are the temperature ranges during Turkey's kiteboarding season?

The temperature during kiteboarding season spans between 20°C and 35°C, from mid-April to mid-October. The season is typically dry, offering sunny weather perfect for outdoor activities like kiteboarding. While it is generally warm throughout, May and October might witness occasional dips in temperature. Therefore, it's essential to pack according to the climatic conditions during the visit to Turkey. Show more

Can visitors find local kiteboarding operators and kiteboarding lessons with equipment rental facilities?

Travelers visiting Turkey's coastline can avail themselves of kiteboarding lessons with equipment rental facilities from numerous local kiteboarding operators. These all-inclusive packages may also include accommodations, and the trainers provide beginner-friendly lessons. Tourists can inquire about their pricing, packages, and expertise to choose the best-suited kiteboarding package that matches their preferences. Show more

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