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Almond Trees Blossom in Mallorca 2025

Fill the irresistible scent of almonds flowers and taste some new dishes made with nuts

Best time: late January–March

Almond Trees Blossom
Almond Trees Blossom
Almond Trees Blossom
Almond Trees Blossom

Products made of almonds are famous all around the world but not many have seen just how beautiful they are during the blossom period.

From late January till March about five million almond trees turn into pale pink fluffy clouds across Mallorca. Their flowers cannot be missed, especially because of the rich sweet aroma. When you travel to mountainous monasteries around this time, you can enjoy beautiful vistas called "Mallorcan snow" for good reason.

Almond trees are grown on the whole territory of the island, but the biggest density can be found on the eastern coast in the town of Son Servera. Annually in the beginning of February, the Fira de la flor d'ametller (the Fair of Blooming Almonds) is held in the countryside of the city. Various goods which are made of almonds are sold there as well. Also, one can purchase equipment used for harvesting and preparing nuts. And, of course, traditional Mallorqui music accompanies the event at every corner.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mallorca for the almond blossom?

Late January through March is the ideal time to visit Mallorca for the almond blossom season. The island boasts about five million almond trees that transform into fluffy, pale pink clouds, making for a spectacular sight. Don't miss the Fira de la flor d'ametller which is held annually at the start of February. This festival celebrates the blooming of almonds and features numerous almond products, including milk, pastries, and oils. Show more

Where is the biggest density of almond trees located on the island of Mallorca?

Son Servera, located on Mallorca's eastern coast, has the highest density of almond trees, although the entire island is known for its almond production. The annual Fira de la flor d'ametller is hosted in Son Servera, where you can find equipment used for harvesting and enjoying almonds-based products like pastries, oil, and milk. There are also various mountainous monasteries that boast amazing vistas of the snow-like almond blossoms. Show more

What is the name of the fair celebrating the blooming of almonds in Mallorca and when is it held?

The annual Fira de la flor d'ametller is hosted in Son Servera on Mallorca's eastern coast in February. At the fair, visitors can purchase almond-based products like oil, milk, and pastries and equipment used for harvesting and preparing almonds. The event is marked by Mallorqui music performances and celebrates the blooming of almonds trees with unforgettable views. Show more

What traditional Mallorqui dishes can be made with almonds during the blossom period?

Gató de almendra is an almond and egg-based cake that has been a staple of Mallorcan cuisine for centuries and is one of the best-known and delicious almond-based dishes enjoyed during the blossom period. During this time, other popular traditional dishes include tumbet, which is a casserole prepared with tomatoes, vegetables and breadcrumbs and almonds, and el frito mallorquín, made with potatoes, onions, and flavored with almonds and spices and typically including pork or lamb. Show more

What are some other popular events or festivals that take place in Mallorca during the late winter to early spring season?

Apart from the Fira de la flor d'ametller, the island of Mallorca offers several other exciting events during the late winter through early spring season. The colorful Carnival of Majorca takes place in February with entertaining parades and musical acts. The Fira de Sa Llampuga is the go-to event for seafood lovers and is dedicated to the Llampuga fish (mahi-mahi). The Capdepera Medieval Fair in April is also a well-loved event that draws locals and tourists alike to enjoy the music, food, and handicrafts of the island. Show more

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