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Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2024 in Thailand

It might sound a bit cheesy to get married underwater with a crowd of other couples, but it may also be a unique experience

Dates: February 13-15, 2024

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony
Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony may be a commercial activity, but the main aim of the event is to promote authentic Thai wedding traditions while being in an extraordinary environment. The fascinating event happens yearly over ​St. Valentine's Day in the Trang area, Kradan Island and Trang Town.

The ceremony is a combination of the Buddhist rituals with the Thai ​wedding ceremony when the lustre water is poured, and the old happily-married couples escort brides and grooms to their honeymoon suites. It is believed to bring peace and harmony in the relationship.

The registration usually lasts until the end of December. To join the underwater ceremony, couples need to have a scuba diving license. Another option is to take a short two-day diving course provided by the organisers and receive scuba diving certificate (expires in 15 days). This course usually takes place a few days before the ceremony.

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